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The MRI equipment generates internal images of body structures such as organs and tissues.

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Computed Tomography

Highly complex imaging equipment made up of a large number of components.

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PET Scan

PET Scan allows performing complementary image diagnosis with high sensitivity.

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Gamma Camera (Scintigraphy)

Allows to evaluate the function of the organs through a non-invasive imaging diagnosis.

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X Ray

This equipment generates x-rays, which are pictures of the inside of the body.

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Mammography equipment performs breast exams with detailed images of the internal structure.

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M.R. TECH is a company that has always cleared any doubts we might have. They are always there to respond when we need. We are proud to believe in them since the begining, because today, M.R. Tech is a reference in the maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Daniel Montenegro

CEO, Nossa Clínica (RN)


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