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Blog Do you know what the quench button is for?

The Quench Button, also known as Magnet Stop or ERDU, has an important function when in environments prepared for exams with MRI equipment. Today we are going to explain a little more about it.

First, we need to explain that superconducting MRI equipment has a very strong magnetic field, so accidents can happen if safety regulations are not followed.

In order to save lives, in every MRI there is a button that can be activated in critical cases, being able to quickly de-energize this magnetic field. It is called Quench Button.

But, attention!

This button must only be used in cases where life is at risk due to the effect of the magnetic field (e.g. crushing) or in case of uncontrolled magneto fire.

And what happens after the Quench Button is triggered?

Once activated, the magnetic field of the Magnetic Resonance equipment is instantly de-energized and this action is irreversible. There is a high cost of restoring the magnetic field for the clinic or hospital and there is still a risk of damage to the magnet.

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